What am I doing wrong in life?

Ever wondered why is it that sometimes we mean well, intentions are good and still end up hurting people?

We almost don’t know what is the right thing to do and have to always rely on the gut feeling. The pattern keeps on repeating, we feel helpless and end up suffering so much. With no respite in sight and not sure how to address the misery, we try to suppress it or move away from it by taking help from our pride that gives you the strength to keep going against all the hardships. We keep analyzing and reanalyzing the situation over and over again.

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Am I in the right relationship?

“Do not find your soulmate, find your soul mate”   

Don’t we keep wondering whether we are dating the right person? Generally, this thought does not cross our mind when we are happy in our relationship. It would mostly arise when we are unhappy about something and looking to get happiness from the relationship or the partner. Now, if for some reason your partner is not able to take care of your sadness the lingering doubt grows even stronger. What’s the solution and how to be sure of being in the right relationship?

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